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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom's Tree of LifeAnimal Kingdom is a wonderful addition to the Disney family of themed parks that revolves completely around animal conservation. Covering more that 500 acres, Disney's Animal Kingdom has a wide variety of animals in their natural habitats and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums due to exceeding the standards set forth by the association in the areas of conservation, education, and research.

Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998 and is the largest Disney theme park.  The park is dedicated to animals from our lifetime, the past, which have been extinct for millions of years, and animals of fantasy and mythology.  Beastly Kingdom, one of the park's planned sites, was said to house the animals of fantasy and mythology.  Although the designated site is taken up by Camp Minnie-Mickey, these fantasy animals can still be seen throughout the park today. 

Here is an interactive map of Animal Kingdom.
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Rafiki's Planet Watch Africa Asia Discovery Island Dinoland U.S.A Oasis Camp Minnie - Mickey

The Lands of Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom's AfricaAfrica

Africa is set in a fictional village named Harambe, which was at one time part of a Dutch colony.  The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, an expedition through the forest in search of Gorillas. While exploring the African wonderland, guests will find a wide variety of animals, including naked mole rats, other rodents and reptiles, Nile hipppos with an underwater viewing area, fish, and exotic birds in a bird aviary. At the end of the Trail, guests find themselves with a close up look at a pack of gorillas.

Asia at Disney's Animal KingdomAsia

Asia's attractions are part of a fictional village named Anandanpur. The Kali River Rapids, a raft ride down the "Chakranadi River" on a 12-passenger raft through an Asian rain forest, is located in Asia. Get ready to get wet on this one! Maharajah Jungle Trek, an adventure into the Anandapur Royal Forest of Southeast Asia, brings guests up close with Komodo Dragons, fruit bats, tapirs, and tigers! The main attraction in Asia would have to be Expedition Everest, seen in the background of the photo to the left. Expedition Everest is a runaway train roller coaster that brings you to the base camp of Mount Everest via a shortcut guarded by the legendary yeti.  

Daisy, Huey, Duey, and Louie on a hike at Camp Minnie-MickeyCamp Minnie - Mickey

Camp Minne-Mickey is a meet and greet area for the park where guests can meet characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minne Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck, and others. Camp Minnie-Mickey is also home to the Festival of the Lion King, an energetic musical performance that features characters and songs from the Lion King.

The bones of an angry T-Rex at Dinoland U.S.A.Dinoland U.S.A.

Dinoland U.S.A. is a look back in to the prehistoric times of the giants that roamed our planet once upon a time. The Boneyard is a great place for "little paleontologists" as they manuver through a play maze filled with fossils of Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Wooly Mammoths. The Primeval Whirl is a time machine themed roller coaster with independantly spinning cars that ride along hairpin turns, sudden dips, and tight curves. Dinoland U.S.A. also hosts Finding Nemo - The Musical, the park's newest attraction. The show combines amazing backdrops, theatrical puppetry, dancing and acrobatics to complete an amazing experience.

Animal Kingdom's Discovery IslandDiscovery Island

Discovery Island is the main land of Animal Kingdom. The Tree of Life, Animal Kingdoms iconic piece, sits in the center of the island for all the guests to see. Flik, from Disney's A Bug's Life, sits at the roots of the Tree of Life and shows a 3D film about bugs and their everyday activities. At Discovery Island, guests will encounter kangaroos, flamingos, axis deer, black crowned cranes, lemurs, macaws, small-clawed otters, and many more animals.

See various habitats on your way through Animal Kingdom's OasisOasis

Set at the entrance of the park, Oasis must be walked through to reach any of the other lands of Animal Kingdom. These paths show guests a wide range of habitats with native species to match. Guests will see spoonbills, fish, turtles, wallabies, giant anteaters, babirusa, and many other animals. Take a few minutes to visit the Rainforest Caf&eeacute;, also located at the entrance of the park in Oasis.

Rafiki points the way to the Planet Watch!Rafiki's Planet Watch

Rafiki's Planet Watch is only accessible by train. Hosted by Rafiki from The Lion King, this land contains smaller animals, a petting zoo, and conservation based exhibits. Conservation Station, located at the trail's end, is where guests are introduced to Disney's efforts in the promotion of wildlife conservation awareness. "Habitat! Habitat!" is home to endangered cottontop tamarin primates.