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Blizzard Beach | Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon opened on June 1st, 1989 and is the home of the world's largest outdoor wave pool. Typhoon Lagoon is themed after a pretty interesting Disney legend.  The legend is that there was an amazing typhoon that fell upon a tropical paradise.  Objects from the ocean from ships to surf boards were thrown ashore to create the backdrop for an exciting time.  Even Typhoon Lagoon's icon "Miss Tilly", a shrimp boat that was impaled on top of "Mount Mayday", fell victim to the massive typhoon.  Luckily no one was hurt, and nothing but good times could ensue from the wreckage of all these ships.  Be on the watch for a great geyser that erupts from Miss Tilly's smoke stack every half hour. 

Miss Tilly atop Mount MaydayMount Mayday

Mount Mayday is located behind the surf pool at Typhoon Lagoon. Miss Tilly can be seen atop Mt. Mayday spraying a water geyser every 30 minutes. Most of Typhoon Lagoons water slides can be found on Mount Mayday including Humunga Kowabunga, enclosed speed slides that send riders down five stories in no time! Other rides include Gang Plank Falls, a family raft ride, Mayday Falls, a tube slide with the edge of the rapids, and Keelhaul Falls, a smoother ride than Mayday Falls.

The Crush n Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon's Hideaway BayHideaway Bay

Hideaway Bay was known as Out of the Way Cay until the name change.  This is the sandy beach area behind the dressing rooms that houses Typhoon Lagoon's newest attraction, Crush 'n' Gusher.  Crush 'n' Gusher is a rider's choice of the three water coasters "Banana Blaster", "Coconut Crusher", or "Pineapple Plunger".  These three coasters send two to three person rafts down sudden drop offs and turns, propelled by jets of water.  

Surf pool at Disney's Typhoon LagoonTyphoon Lagoon

Relax on the sandy beaches of Typhoon Lagoon or take advantage of the killer waves in the parks main attraction, the "Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool".  Also found in this area, the largest area in the park, are the Bay Slides, beginner slides for toddlers, Blustery Bay and Whitecap Cove, zero depth entry tidal pools that are near the surf pool, and Learn to Surf, a two and a half hour lesson on "catching waves" hosted by Craig Carroll.  The surf lesson starts before the park opens and additional costs apply.  

Sunken tanker at Typhoon Lagoon's Shark ReefShark Reef

At Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, you'll have a great time on the slides and flumes, you'll enjoy some time in the surf pool catching some waves, but you'll also have an opportunity to swim with some sharks and stingrays.  Shark Reef is an unheated salt water area of the park that are home to two reefs and all the amazing sea creatures you can think of.  Snorkels, masks, and lifejackets are provided for this great experience.  A sunken tanker provides an underwater viewing area of the reefs, through the tanker's portholes.  A 30 minute S.A.S, or Surface Air Snorkeling, experience using pony tanks, small regulators, and buoyancy vests give guests a different approach to experiencing the Shark Reef (for an additional cost).

Castaway Creek, the 2,100 ft lazy river at Typhoon LagoonCastaway Creek

Castaway Creek is a continuous flowing, 2100 foot lazy river.  Riders can hop aboard an inner tube and ride this relaxing stream around the perimeter of the entire park.  There are several stations available to enter and exit this ride giving convenient transportation throughout the park.  Take a break from the excitement of the day among the calming waterfalls, beautiful rainforests, and mist screens. 

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach opened it's "slopes" to the public on April 1st, 1995. That's right I said slopes, because the theme behind this crazy place is that of an interesting story. A snow storm of massive proportions hit the area leaving no choice but to build Florida's first ski resort. When the warm weather came back, it meant inevitable doom for the resort, leaving all their ski jumps bare of snow. One day, an alligator, named "Ice Gator" was seen sliding down one of the jumps that was now covered with water. The park was then reopened as a water park, with Ice Gator as it's mascot.

The park is broken into three colored slopes to separate the rides and make navigation through the park a bit easier for guests.  Take a look below to see the breakdown of the park on the map, and read about the different areas below the map.

Summit Plummit on the Blizzard Beach Green SlopeGreen Slope

The Green Slope at Disney's Blizzard Beach is the upper most point of Mount Gushmore.  Foot up or take the chair lift to the top to find the fastest, most exhilarating single track water slides such as the feature ride for Blizzard Beach, Summit Plummet.  Summit Plummet, the 120 foot tall freefall slide, propels guests to speeds up to 65 miles per hour.  Teamboat Springs, the worlds longest family white-water raft ride, is 1,400 feet long and sends riders on a waterfall filled twisting and turning journey to the bottom.  Slush Gusher gives you the ability to get some "air time" as the ride sends guests down at 35 miles an hour.  The slide levels off in two places where it possible to raise your legs and get some air!

Downhill Double Dipper on Blizzard Beach's Purple SlopePurple Slope

On the Purple Slope, guests will find the Downhill Double Dipper, Snow Stormers, and Toboggan Racers, three rides that give guests the ability to race one another to the bottom of Mount Gushmore.  The Downhill Double Dipper sends guests down twin inner tube slides at 25 miles per hour.  Gates hold the racers back until the bell sounds the beginning of the race.  Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers are both mat slides that put riders on either three or eight lanes to the finish line. 

Runoff Rapids on the Red Slope at Disney's Blizzard BeachRed Slope

The Red Slope can be found at the rear of the park with only one attraction, Runoff Rapids.  Runoff Rapids has three slides to choose from, but all different in their own ways, so racing is not ideal on this ride.  Two runs are open while one is enclosed and all use tubes.  Run your tubes through twists and turns to reach the bottom. 

Ski Patrol area of Disney's Blizzard BeachGround Level

Guests will find all the relaxation areas, tide pools, small slides, and wave pool at ground level.  The Chairlift to the top of Mount Gushmore can also be accessed from ground level.  Meltaway Bay, a one acre wave pool constantly fed by melting snow waterfalls that create gentle waves, can be found at the foot of Mount Gushmore.  Cross Country Creek, a 3,000 foot long lazy river that travels the perimeter of the park.  Once the creek heads into the Ice Cave, you may be splashed with water from melting ice.  Ski Patrol, an area for pre-teenage children can can also be found on ground level.  Here children will find an obstacle course full of fun and excitement.