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Epcot Center

Walt Disney World's Epcot CenterDedicated to the imaginations and achievements of the human beings that want to take bigger and better steps in the right direction, Epcot Center was born.  Technologies of tomorrow are showcased in the Future World pavilions along with rides and entertainment.  Epcot's featured ride, Spaceship Earth, takes place within the Epcot ball and hosts a timeline of communication, and human advancement. Epcot Center began as a vision of the late Walt Disney.  E.P.C.O.T., or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was to be a city on Disney property that would be home to 20,000 people.  This community would utilize the newest technologies available as a testing ground for human advancement.  The Community was to be laid down in a circular fashion with residential areas on the outer perimeter, community buildings and schools inside of that, and businesses and commercial areas in the center.  Transportation would be provided by monorails or People Movers, and all traffic was to be directed under the city to keep pedestrians safe up above. 

That dream was never realized for Epcot, and today the city of Celebration is said to be a variation of the dream.  However, Epcot has the same goal in mind as the one set forth by Walt Disney himself, and that is to promote the newest technologies and advancements created by man and free enterprise in the style of the United States.  Epcot does a great deal of making these technologies aware in their Future World pavilions. 

Epcot also hosts one of the most ethnic and cultural blends of atmosphere known to man in the World Showcase.  The World Showcase is set around the World Showcase Lagoon and is home to themed sections that resemble 11 different countries.  The countries have themed rides pertaining to the country they are located, cuisine from the countries, and the cast members in each country are actually from that country.

Here is an interactive map of Epcot Center.
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Now, we will introduce you to the individual countries in the World Showcase and the different Future World pavilions.  They are all equally interesting in their own way, and all of them host a spectacular time for everyone in the family, young and old.

Epcot's World Showcase

The American Adventure

This attraction in Epcot’s World Showcase is based on a single large building in the colonial style. The American Adventure is a summary of the 200 plus years as a country narrated by figures of Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. Outside the pavilion, treat yourself to a turkey leg or an ice cold American beer while you watch The Voices of Liberty, an 8 member a cappella group as they indulge the crowd with a patriotic song.  


O Canada!...is actually the name of a Circle-Vision 360° movie of Canada’s cities and scenery. Enjoy the Victoria Gardens near the Hotel du Canada which are inspired by the Butchart Gardens close to Victoria, British Columbia.  Canada's pavilion was designed to emulate the Canada outdoors with a canyon, a waterfall, the gardens, a pool with fountains, and totem poles.  Check out the Celtic rock band, Off Kilter, playing in the pavilion throughout the week. 


Enter through the large Chinese gate stationed at the mouth to the Chinese pavilion to see a garden over powered by a Chinese temple, the Temple if Heaven.  "Reflections of China", the China pavilions Circle-Vision 360° movie showing China's rich history and scenery.  Also located within the Temple of Heaven is a museum displaying Chinese artifacts of ancient times.  Mulan and Mushu can also be found in the pavilion along with acrobats performing in the courtyard. 


Welcome to France!  This pavilion is set to look like a Paris neighborhood with the Eiffel Tower off in the distance.  While in Paris, stop in to one of many shops selling French products and watch "Impressions de France", a panoramic movie of France, her cities, and her historical structures.  Look out for Belle, Beast and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast while in the France pavilion.   


The Germany pavilion has the look of a German town, but the architecture stems from different times and regions of the historic country. From traditional German food to authentic German goods, the pavilions restaurants and shops have it all.  The Germany pavilion hosts a miniature train and village setup, originally introduced at the Flower and Garden Festival, it was kept due to its popularity.


Come see the characters from Disney’s “Pinocchio” who often appear in this beautiful pavilion lined with shops selling Italian goods such as wine and others. The pavilion was designed to replicate famous landmarks of Italy including Neptune Fountain, the Sistine Chapel, St. Marks Campanile, and Doge's Palace.  Musicians, clowns, and acting teams will sometimes entertain the guests of the pavilion.  Enjoy a show before entering Tutto Italia, the Italian fine dining experience. 


As you walk through Japan’s pavilion you will see many buildings surrounding a courtyard resembling that of Japan. A Japanese castle can be found, including a moat, which brings guests to a display of Japanese artifacts and resemble Japanese culture.  Be sure to visit Teppan Edo, a Teppanyaki style restaurant where the chefs prepare foods right in front of the guest.  If you're in the mood to shop, and are into Japanese pop-culture, anime, manga, toys, and clothing, be sure to stop into Mitsukoshi department store.  For entertainment, Japan's pavilion also welcomes Miyuki, one of the 15 current Japanese candy artists, who forms very hot dough into animals and flowers which then hardens into candy. 


Set to resemble a Mesoamerican pyramid, the Mexico pavilion has plenty to see, so come and join the fiesta! Inside the pyramid, you will find an interesting Mexican art gallery featuring the “Animales Fantasicos” art collection.  Inside the pyramid you'll find the night time scene market place, Plaza de los Amigos, where you can sit and dine Mexican style at San Angel Inn.  To the left of the marketplace, there is a boarding area to the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros.  Also in the Mexico pavilion is "El Rio del Tiempo (The River of Time), a boat ride through Mexico's history.


This replica of a Moroccan city is true to form. King Hassan II sent Moroccan artists to Epcot to create the many mosaics that can be seen. The Morocco pavilion offers many interesting looks into Moroccan life and culture through the buildings and art.  Dine at the Restaurant Marrakesh, a dining experience serving Moroccan cuisine.  After you dine, visit the bazaar area where you might run into the cast from Disney's Aladdin including Princess Jasmine, Genie, and Aladdin himself.


The Norway pavilion is set to resemble a Norwegian village with four styles of Norwegian architecture in mind. After visiting the trolls throughout Norway, make sure to board Maelstrom, a boat ride that sails into Norway’s past and then traverses into Norway’s present.

United Kingdom

Set on a street lined with British architecture from different periods, there may be quite a bit going on in the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot. While weaving in and out of the shops selling British goods, you may hear “The British Invasion” jammin a Beatles tune.  From time to time, you'll see characters from Disney films such as Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

World Showcase Lagoon

World Showcase Lagoon is a man made lagoon with a perimeter of 1.2 miles. During the day, the lagoon offers a beautiful panorama for the Epcot guest; however, the lagoon is the site of Illuminations, a thirteen minute fireworks show, the finale of the evening before the park’s closing. At the center of the show sits a large globe with screens on it which display scenes from around the world. Around there are 19 torches lit while the fireworks show goes on. These 19 torches represent the 19 centuries that have past. At the very end of the celebration, the globe opens to reveal a 20th torch, representing the 2oth century and welcoming the 21st century. 

Epcot's Future World


Although one of Epcot’s original structures, pictured to the right, the Imagination! pavilion has under gone major changes since the 1982. Attractions such as Journey into Imagination and Honey, I shrunk the Audience bring guests on a journey fueled by imagination.


Innoventions is a pavilion located in the center of Disney’s Epcot Center that features technological advancements and their uses throughout everyday life. “Innovention” is actually a combination of the words “innovation” and “invention”.  The combining of the words summarizes what the pavilion represents as a whole; that is, the invention of technologies of our time and the innovation behind their concepts and what they could mean to us.

The Land

The land is another original pavilion of the Epcot of 1982, however it has undergone major renovations throughout it’s lifetime. Although rides have been updated to include Soarin’ and Circle of Life featuring cast from The Lion King, the pavilion’s message has not changed.  The Land dedicates itself to the developments of newer, safer, and more productive technologies in the area of horticulture and farming.  It also focuses a message of human interaction with the land, and how we must keep the cycle going for generations to come. 

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

The Seas pavilion takes guests on a ride through the deep blue to find Nemo, who has gotten lost again. Hop aboard a “clammobile” and follow Marlin and Dory as they search for Nemo. Once the ride is over, make your way to a meal at the Coral Reef restaurant which offers sit down dining in a beautiful atmosphere including an entire wall made up of the glass back of a giant aquarium.  

Mission: Space

You and a team of three others will be among the first astronauts to embark on the first manned trip to Mars. Before you go, you’ll need the training. Mission: Space takes riders on an interactive training scenario to prepare for the trip to the red planet.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the most iconic symbol of Epcot Center. It the “Epcot Ball” is actually a giant ride taking guests through a timeline of human communication dating back to prehistoric times. Guests take the 13 minute ride through the past into the future to see the potential of a future they can create for themselves. 

Test Track

General Motors has invited you on a fantastic tour to witness the rigorous testing done on all their vehicles and parts.  Get a glimpse at what vehicles go through before they are put on the open market for everyday purchase.  The experience is very informative, and the ride is exhilarating. Check out the facility before your speed run; that’s right, guests take the test vehicles for a spin around the track at a whopping 68.4 miles per hour!

Universe of Energy

Get ready for a fun lesson on energy including where its many forms come from and how they were created. Since 1982, guests to the Universe of Energy have been learning about new and innovative energy sources. This time, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye are your hosts.  Watch as the audience seating is converted into transporters that take you through time and allow you an in depth experience on learning about energy.

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