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Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World RailroadMagic Kingdom, "The Most Magical Place on Earth", is full of great experiences for the  entire family. Something for everyone can be found from rides to live shows. Hop aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad, which runs along the perimeter of the park and makes stops at three of seven themed lands found at Magic Kingdom.

Construction of Magic Kingdom began in 1967 after the death of Walt Disney, even though Walt was highly involved in the planning of the magical theme park and resort.  Careful planning went into the design of the park when it came to keeping the experience magical.  Characters from the different lands will not at any time be present in the lands that they have no part of.

Here is an interactive map of Magic Kingdom.
Scroll around to find the land of your choice.

Now, we will introduce you to the individual lands of Magic Kingdom.  They are all equally interesting in their own way, and all of them host a spectacular time for everyone in the family, young and old.

The Lands of Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom's Main Street U.S.A.Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom's main entrance, serves as the opening credits to the Disney Experience.  The main street surrounds you with a little taste of architectural influences from around the country.  The shops along Main Street sell merchandise and food, while decorated with a small-town American feel set in the early 20th century.  

Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom's AdventurelandAdventureland

Adventureland is a a look into the exploration of foreign lands.  It is designed to resemble the Middle East, South America, remote jungles of Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.  There is also an extension which resembles a Caribbean town square where you can find Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise, two of the many rides in Disney's Magic Kingdom.  

Tom Sawyer's Island in Magic Kingdom's FrontierlandFrontierland

Hold onto your hats as we mosey on toward Frontierland, Disney’s journey back to the Wild West. Take a crazy train ride on Big Thunder Mountain, a roller coaster through red rock mountains, make your way down the river to Tom Sawyer's Island, or cool off on the exhilarating Splash Mountain. What ever you decide to do here, you will definitely enjoy yourself.  So get ready buckaroos, as we hop on the Disney Railroad and make our way into the good 'ol days, YEE HAW! 

Disney's Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom's Liberty SquareLiberty Square

Liberty Square not only hosts an abundance of fun (home of Disney’s Haunted Mansion), but also a great learning experience for all. See the Hall of Presidents and be introduced to our founding presidents and all the rest through the years. See the Liberty Bell's replica in front of the hall, and take a look around, because you'll be standing in the middle of colonial America. 

Mad Tea Party in Magic Kingdom's FantasylandFantasyland

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a Kingdom where young and old could come and enjoy themselves. There was a section of this Kingdom that was specifically set aside for the young at heart, and the believers of magic and fairytale can get on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, or have a Mad Tea Party.  This is the same place where you can fly with Peter Pan, or go under the sea to Ariel's Grotto.  Fantasyland is truly a place where magic happens, and it is a very real place.

Magic Kingdom's TomorrowlandTomorrowland

Here we have the world of tomorrow. As seen through the vision of the imagineers of Disney World, and the main imagineer himself, Walt Disney.  See remarkable creations such as futuristic rides, robots, and attractions that will make you say, “WOW!”  Some of the magnificent attractions to this futuristic world include the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, the classic ride through Space Mountain, and Stitch's Great Escape! If you're feeling the need for speed, make sure you visit Tomorrowland's Indy Speedway while you are there.

Come see Mickey's house at Magic Kingdom's Toontown FairMickey's Toontown Fair

While you’re in town, stop in and see all your favorite characters at Mickey’s Toontown fair! Mickey and the rest of the crew are actually hosting a fair, and they’re all waiting for you over at the Judge’s Tent and the Toontown Hall of Fame. Take a walk through Mickey and Minnie Mouse's homes, and see where they live, eat, and sleep when they're done entertaining all their fans and friends.  This is a great place to bring the kids, but anyone can have a little fun at the Toontown Fair!