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Tips for saving money at Disney World

A holiday Disney World vacation is always going to be costly but it doesnít have to leave you broke. If you wise up on some money saving tips then you can make sure you enjoy your holiday without over spending.

With a little forward planning you can still provide a magical once in a lifetime holiday for you and your family even when you are on a budget.

It is all about avoiding the peak seasons. This includes holidays like Christmas, Easter and of course summer. If you can avoid taking your trip to Disney at this time you are sure to see huge savings made on accommodation and travel costs. Look online for last minute deals and offers as you can often snatch a hotel stay for next to nothing if you get lucky.

With so many things to buy, activities to get involved in and events it can be hard to see how you will save any money at all, but there are actually things to do in Disney that wonít cost you a cent. Look out for these free activities such as taking a hike through the Disney Wilderness preserve of strolling around Disney Downtown and meeting with all your favourite Disney characters.

If you are frugal then keep your eyes open for free magazines like the I Love Orlando publication which often features coupons for discounts for food, attractions and shops at Disney. You can also search online for coupons and print them off. If you start early enough and keep an eye on the use by date you can work up quite a collection by the time your trip is due and can make massive savings on a rage of things.

Donít let yourself or the kids get drawn into buying expensive souvenirs from the Disney Parks, they are overpriced and you can purchase exactly the same ones at factory outlets in the near area. You could even buy in a load of your childrenís favourite Disney character related souvenirs and take them to the park with you, where you can hand them over when they get off a ride or have just enjoyed an event.

Make lunch your main meal of the day as this is when prices are at their lowest. If you really want to enjoy one of the many luxurious restaurants located in the Disney grounds then dine out at lunch and take sandwiches for dinner, this way youíll make savings on your food. Remember to pack snacks and drinks as well as all that Disney exploring is sure to leave you thirsty.