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Orlando Vacation Villas

Executive and Standard Pool Villas | Luxury Town Homes

Imagine, you have just landed at Orlando International Airport.  You make your way to a rental car with plenty of room for the family, at a GREAT price!  You get situated in your car, and pull out the directions to your home for the next week or two while on a beautiful Florida vacation.  Believe it or not, your Orlando Vacation Villa, no matter which one you choose, is just minutes away from all of the great Orlando attractions and theme parks.  Now you get to your wonderful Executive Pool Villa and get in the door.  Welcome to the best experience that Orlando has to offer while enjoying the fun in the sun!

Our Orlando Vacation Villas are well equipped with all the necessities and comforts of home.  Our kitchens are stocked with glassware, plates and bowls, silverware, pots and pans, and anything else you would need from the dishwasher to the kitchen sink!  Enjoy a great savings and a true family experience while cooking your own meals and keeping one important amenity readily available at all times, PRIVACY!  After a great meal in your own kitchen enjoy the fully furnished home by sitting down and enjoying your favorite TV shows or a movie.

Did you know?

There are almost as many vacation villas in Orlando as there are hotel rooms.  Pretty amazing!  Since there are so many vacation homes in such a small area, you must be sure to choose the right one.  There are many homes that are rented privately to vacationers by home owners; most of these owners are living out of state.  One should be careful when renting a vacation home in this situation, because out-of-state owners may not be available to repair or take care of any problems in the home at that particular time.  With our Disney Vacation homes, you can rest assured knowing that all of our homes are in the supervision of local property management who have all the resources required to solve any problem and are only a phone call away!

What to expect from one of our Orlando vacation villas:

 Close to Disney World

All our vacation homes are within 17 miles to Disney World’s entrance.  The total traveling time from any of our vacation homes to Disney World’s Main Entrance is less than 16 minutes.

All our homes are virtually Brand New

All our vacation homes are less than six years old!  This is important…the older the home the more wear and tear it will show. Yes, there are some really nice Orlando vacation homes which are  older than 10 years old but the problem is that the communities these homes are not the best.

All vacation homes have private pools

All of our vacation homes come complete with screened in lanais and  private swimming pools. When choosing a home it is important to remember, the pools are bigger on the 5 and 6 bedroom models than they are on the 3 and four bedroom models.

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Executive and Standard Pool Villas

Luxury Town Homes